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OBD-II Device

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OBD-II Device

Introducing Gamyam OBD-II, a powerful GPS + engine data, plug and play vehicle tracking device from Gamyam that gives you more accurate, reliable views of what's really happening on the road with your vehicles and drivers.

Accuracy Plus

OBD-II Device reads your vehicle's Engine data every 10 seconds and gives you critical information on fuel, engine diagnostics, harsh braking sudden acceleration and many more"

Instant Installation

Start tracking your fleet in 22 seconds! No "black box", no waiting around for installers, no hassles, no disruptions. Simply place Gamyams compact "plug and play" OBD-II device beneath the dashboard. you're done!

Gamyam OBD-II Device gives you

GPS Accuracy

Plug & Play Device

Driver Behaviour Parameters

Vehicle Diagnostics

Fuel Parameters

Hardware Features


  •  Powerful GPS + Engine Data
  •  Plug and Play device
  •  Instant tracking of your fleet
  •  No waiting around for installers
  •  Tracking using google maps
  •  Real time traffic data
  •  Landmarks and Geo-Fences
  •  Track your vehicle in mobile apps/web application
  •  Security and role based hierarchy Vehicle history trails
  •  Vehicle history trials

  •  Vehicle diagnostics provide list of vehicle parameters to monitor along with how to encode the data, which eliminates the need to connect a scan tool to a power source separately. E.g. check engine light, air/oil filters, engine coolant temparature etc.
Driver Behaviour

  •  Vehicle and driver management
  •  Driver time
  •  Distance travelled
  •  Idling
  •  Speeding
  •  Hard Braking
  •  Sudden Acceleration

  •  Fuel usage, Fuel cost, Fuel consumed, Operating cost, Carbon foot print, Average km/vehicle/day
  •  Subject to availability of ports provided by vehicle manufacturer

Software Features


Navigation & Tracking

Refuelling Details



Odometer Reading

Reports & Alerts


  •  Bread Crumb
  •  Trips
  •  Fleet Summary Report
  •  Geo-fence Report
  •  Speeding
  •  Stops
  •  Idling
  •  Diagnostics
  •  Alerts
  •  Driver Score Report
  •  Fuel Report


  •  Engine Light On/Off
  •  Device plugged / Unplugged
  •  Hard Braking
  •  Idling
  •  Ignition On/Off
  •  Low Battery
  •  Low Fuel
  •  Vehicle Not Tracking
  •  Speeding
  •  Start / Stop time
  •  Sudden Acceleration
  •  Entry/Exit into Geo-fences

OBD-II Functionality

Features Included Functionality
Mapping Live Maps (Google Enterprise Maps), with clustering support, for large vehicle populations. Satellite, Weather and traffic overlays.
Real-Time Alerts Speeding, Stop time, Idle time, Unauthorized vehicle usage, Scheduled Maintenance (15 triggers such as oil change, air filter replacement etc), Hard Braking, Sudden acceleration and Check Engine Light.
Search Search is embedded throughout the application to quickly find information in reports and on maps.
Reports Real-Time reports on the web or scheduled reports that can be run at your convenience and delivered to your email.
Landmarks and Geo-fences Quickly identify customer stops or start into prohibited locations with landmarks.Create a single landmark, upload many via spreadsheet or programmatically via Rest APIs. Arrival / Departure from Landmarks is automatically detected and presented on reports giving managers 'hands free' timecard and job reporting capability.
Vehicle Driver Management Know exactly when drivers start their day, where they are, how many stops they make and what time they complete their routes.
International Language and Time Zone Support Supports English language Google maps provides universal map display and address generation capability. Units of measure (KM versus Miles, Liters Virsus Gallons are available at the flip of a switch
Real-Time Traffic Data Color-coded dynamic trafic information from Google highlights congested or slow-moving routes.
Scheduled Maintenance OBD-II provides alerts for different maintenance items: Air Filter Replacement, Oil change + 15 others based on engine run time, mileage interval or time interval.
Scheduled Maintenance OBD-II provides alerts for different maintenance items: Air Filter Replacement, Oil change + 15 others based on engine run time, mileage interval or time interval.
Data Storage 3 months standard online. Data is maintained for life with a special on demand report which leverage new technologies like Big Data so that you can always recall an accident.
GPS Report Rate Standard GPS report rate is user-configurable down to 2 minutes. Faster report times are available based on specific requirements.
Diagnostics Trouble Codes DTC codes are sent along with the Check Engine Light Alert (MIL Status) and also available.
Driver Reward System Everyone wants to retain their best performing employees. Gamyam ranks the driver on their driver behavior and allows the best performing driver to be indentified.

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